Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Accomplished solutions for all musculoskeletal disorders


Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Center delivers comprehensive treatment of musculoskeletal disorders by offering a full range of specialized disciplines for various areas of the body, including:

  1. Sports medicine
  2. Upper limb surgery
  3. Lower limb surgery (hip and pelvis, knee and ankle joints)
  4. Spine surgery
  5. Bone and soft tissue cancer (sarcoma)
  6. Rehabilitation

The Center operates based on three pillars of Clinical Excellence – Academic Research – Professional Training

Clinical Excellence

State-of-the-art technologies are applied for precise and personalized surgical approaches such as 3D technology in hip and knee joint replacements, or tissue preservation techniques for bone cancer patients using artificial joints or autologous bone grafts treated with liquid nitrogen. Vinmec has also innovated an exclusive surgical technology called “Anatomic Mapping” for arthroscopic knee surgery, which delivers 100% accuracy in ligament reconstruction.

Academic Research

The Center is including 3 research centers:

  • 3D Technology in Medicine Center at VinUniversity conducts research on applying 3D-printed materials in musculoskeletal surgery
  • Vinmec Healthcare Innovation Lab (based in Osaka Metropolitan University, Japan) for advanced bone cancer treatment
    Motion Analysis Lab specializes in analyzing patient movement with a focus on sports rehabilitation
  • These researchs are practically used in daily treatment of patients in the Vinmec Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Center and support other centers & clinics..

Professional Training

The Center is leading in medical training programs at variety of levels: resident doctors, master of Medicine, and post-graduate students. The Center regularly organizes clinical conferences, basic and in-depth skills training courses, prestigious national and international seminars in the related fields.


An injury should not hold you back. Our multidisciplinary team of leading experts provide a personalized holistic care to help you return to an active, pain-free life. As the official medical healthcare provider for the Vietnamese National Football Teams, Vinmec Sports Medicine Center has taken a significant step towards its goal of becoming an AFC Medical Center of Excellence and FIFA Medical Center of Excellence.

State-of-the-art Sports Medicine techniques applied for the first time in Vietnam by Vinmec

  • Anatomical Mapping: Utilizing 3D imaging technologies in ligament surgery to reconstruct injured ligaments by duplicating healthy ones enables precise and personalized treatment.
  • Motion Analysis Lab: Using advanced systems to record and analyze personal parameters, muscle strength, neuromuscular function, and body composition in both patients and healthy athletes, which allow risk prevention, personalized treatment, or training plans to be executed.

Exclusive treatment

The Center pioneers in the field with exclusive methods and special techniques such as:

  • Limb-preservation surgery for bone-cancer patients: breakthroughs and first-used-in-Vietnam solutions, such as: bone replacement, artificial joints, total replacement of femur, shoulder, arm bones, pelvis, etc., 3D-printed growable-joint replacement (capable of adjusting bone length over time), inactivated – autograft using nitrogen liquid, etc.
  • “Personalized” joint replacement and bone endoscopic by 3D printing technology combined with the exclusive-positioning surgery robot to help ensure highest safety and accuracy of hip and knee replacement. This combination creates a breakthrough in orthopaedics – 4N treatment for patients – No pain, No blood transfusion, No antibiotics usage, and No long-time immobilization.
  • Comprehensive and professional rehabilitation for trauma and sport players, combined with motion analysis systems to diagnose and improve performance athletes, to improve recovery progress after surgery.

3D Technology in Medicine Center (VinUniversity)

To effectively serve the treatment of patients, experts and doctors of Vinmec Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Center have collaborated with engineers of VinUniversity to establish 3D Technology in Medicine Center. It is a 3D technology research and development unit that meets ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485: 2016 international standards, with routine 3D applications including printing of pathological lesion models to support diagnosis and medical training, design of digitized surgical plans, and precision positioning equipment in surgery. In the next phase, 3D Lab is aiming to successfully design and manufacture implantable devices, “personalized” artificial bones and joints according to anthropometric indicators and characteristics of Vietnamese people.

Motion Analysis Lab

A place where patients with motor organ problems, athletes, and sports players are examined and evaluated the motor function of each limb muscle component, is assessed for its ability to respond to daily exercise and exercise by a dynamic camera system and an accurate and intuitive force sensor system. Thereby, it has a positive contribution to injury recovery, helping to detect new injury risks and improving performance in competition and training.

Vinmec Healthcare Innovation Lab (based in Osaka Metropolitan University, Japan)

The Orthopedics Center also cooperated with Osaka Metropolitan University (Japan) to establish the Vinmec Healthcare Innovation Laboratory. This lab conducts research on tissue samples, and blood samples of Vietnamese patients with the goal of directly applied on bone cancer monitoring and treatment. It is one of the breakthrough research directions expected to change the prognosis and treatment of bone cancer patients in Vietnam shortly.


Surgery facilities

  • Hybrid operating room with an interactive system that supports intuitive multi-screen connection
  • The GE Innova positioning robot creates real-time 3D surgical images supporting all operations that require high accuracy during surgery
  • Arthroscopy surgery staging 4K quality standards with the most modern arthroscopic equipment

Diagnostic Imaging System

Advanced, best-of-the-region imaging system:

  • MRI 3.0 Tesla scanner
  • 512-slice CT scanner
  • PET-CT and SPECT-CT with full-body malignancy screening

Rehabilitation area

  • Specialized Rehabilitation unit for Orthopedics with a “personalized” exercise system for each patient.
  • A large, professional, and dedicated team of technicians meets the most rigorous and comprehensive standards of support and training for patients to help the recovery process take place smoothly, safely, gently and quickly.

Inpatient treatment areas

  • Inpatient treatment areas with disease prevention systems and ancillary rooms meet international standards for safe and effective patient care. Every patient is the center of a care process provided by specialists, pharmacists, rehabilitation technicians, nurses, care assistants, nutritionists, etc.

Professor, Ph.D, MD Tran Trung Dung

Orthopaedics and Sport Medicine
Professor, Ph.D, MD

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Orthopaedics and Sport Medicine
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Orthopaedics and Sport Medicine
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