Hi-tech Center

The Center, which was established in 2018 with the goal of becoming a leader in precision medicine and making a positive impact on Vinmec’s clinical program, includes three divisions:

1. Cell Therapy

  • Isolation and expansion of stem cells from umbilical cord, bone marrow, adipose tissue and dental pulp for cryopreservation and disease treatments
  • Processing apheresis product and bone marrow harvest for haematopoietic stem cell  transplantation
  • Manufacturing therapeutic exosomes from adipose-derived and umbilical cord-derived stem cells for cosmetic dermatology (skin rejuvenation treatments, hair growth, wound healing, …)
  • Autologous immune enhancement therapy (NK and T cells) boosting immunity supports solid cancer treatments (lung cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, …)

2. Medical Genetics

  • Genetic Diagnostics Unit
  • Genetic Screening Unit

3. Biobank

  • Stem cells Storage Services Unit
  • Regenerative Tissues Storage Services Unit
  • Storage Services Unit for other biological samples: bone tissues (scapula, extremity); plasma and serum; DNA/RNA; other biological samples, such as stool samples, urine samples, etc.
  • Vinmec Biobank takes part in biomedical research projects with partners such as the Vinmec Research Institute of Stem Cells and Gene Technology, VinUniversity, and VinBigData



Clinical trials

  • Conducted the largest COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial (ARCT-154) in Vietnam. This was the first time the world saw that self-replicating mRNA vaccines have the ability to protect against the Delta and Omicron strains, with approval by the Ministry of Health
  • International clinical trial on the efficacy of new cancer drugs

Medical genetics

continues to conduct key research projects and has become a reference laboratory

  • Conducted reference gene testing for AstraZeneca in order to identify personalized cancer drugs
  • Analyzed nearly 300 patient samples with severe skin damage reactions and detected genotypes specific to Vietnamese people
  • Utilized findings from gene interaction and drug allergy studies in Vietnamese people to screen over 1,500 patients and prevent severe skin reactions

Academic publications

57 international articles in 2022 on a variety of topics of high interest in health, including COVID-19, cancer, and assisted reproduction. Among those:

  • 12 articles recorded a high impact factor (impact factor greater than 05)
  • 72% of articles came from medical practitioners
  • Notably, clinicians have taken part in building and announcing an international guideline on hereditary angioedema in 2023


  • Focus on applied research and technology transfer with strong collaboration with clinicians in order to apply the latest scientific advancements in clinical practice
  • Promote engagement of practitioners in research and scientific publications, alongside the implementation of policies to increase the quantity and quality of research
  • Expand into cutting-edge research areas, such as 3D bioprinting, gut microbiota for personalized medicine, and precision medicine

Clinical trials

Vinmec cooperates with international pharmaceutical companies to demonstrate the efficacy of the latest therapeutic drugs/vaccines, thereby providing patients with better access to medication

Services and goals of gene technology

  • Constantly enhance quality, with the aim of meeting the highest accreditation standards (ISO, AABB, GMP…);
  • Become a model laboratory and authority in genetics and cytology reference testing services;
  • Promote innovation, optimize costs, increase efficiency, and reduce wait time;
  • Research and develop stem cell products for cosmetology, hair loss prevention, hair growth, etc.