Associate Professor, Ph.D, MD Doan Mai Phuong

Associate Professor, Ph.D, MD Doan Mai Phuong

Associate Professor, Ph.D, MD Doan Mai Phuong

Languages spoken: Vietnamese


Assoc. Prof. Doan Mai Phuong is former head of Microbiology Department of Bach Mai Hospital, She is the visiting lecturer of Microbiology Department in Hanoi Medical University and Hanoi University of Pharmacy. Assoc. Prof. Phuong is also the former head of Microbiology and Parasitology Department of Bach Mai Medical College. Dr. Phuong was trained in Hanoi Medical University and many top medical centers in the world such as Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, the USA, and Germany… Assoc. Prof. Phuong has had 36 years of experience working in the fields of microbiology, especially working in Bach Mai Hospital – the Top Hospital of Vietnam


Head of Microbiology Unit


  • Others



  • Diagnosis of pathogen: bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites
  • Diagnosis of opportunistic infection in people with weakened immune systems
  • Detection of pathogens cause hospital-acquired infections
  • Measurement of antimicrobial susceptibility (quantitative and qualitative) in pathogens (bacteria and fungi)
  • Detection of antibiotic resistance in bacteria: phenotype, genotype, mechanism of antibiotic resistance

1982: graduated as General Practitioner – Hanoi Medical University

1988: started PhD program – Hanoi Medical University

1993: Defended successfully PhD thesis – Hanoi Medical University

1993 – Present: attending training courses and international conferences in Vietnam and abroad

1982 – 2001: Microbiology Department- Bach Mai Hospital

2001 – 2010: Vice Head of Microbiology Department- Bach Mai Hospital

2010 – 2014: Head of Microbiology Department- Bach Mai Hospital

2009: certified as a high ranking doctor

2010: awarded as meritorious doctor

2011: Ass. Professor Title granted

2014 – 2016: Part time job at Laboratory of Vinmec International Hospital

03/2018 – Present: Head of Microbiology Unit – Laboratory of Vinmec Times City International Hospital

American Society of Microbiology

Asian Network for Surveillance of Resistant Pathogens

Asian Pacific Research Foundation for Infectious Diseases

Editor’s Council of Clinical Medical Magazine- Bach Mai Hospital

Editor’s Council of Vietnam Infectious Disease Journal – Vietnam Infectious Diseases Society

Prime Minister’s Certificate of merit: 2013

Minister of Health’s Certificate of merit: 2010, 2011, 2013, and 2016

Emulative soldier at the grassroots level: Ministry of Health (2011), Bach Mai Hospital (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)

Chief author of:

  • Clinical Microbiology, Bach Mai Hospital (2002), Medical Publisher
  • Atlas of Microbiology and Hematology, Ministry of Health, America CDC (2013) – Medical Publisher
  • Guideline of clinical microbiology technical procedures, Ministry of Health (2014) – Medical Publisher
  • Guideline of clinical microbiology practice, Ministry of Health (2017) – Medical Publisher

Training for Postgraduate:

  • Scientific mentor for 01 PhD candidate, 15 Master’s degree candidates, Director of State Projects:
  • Study of molecular application for Detection of Antimicrobial Resistance in some prevalent pathogens in Vietnam (2012-2015)
  • Establishing national network for diagnosis and treatment of melioidosis in Vietnam (RENOMAB) (2013-2017)

Scientific research and articles:

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