MSc, MD Ngo Van Doan

MSc, MD Ngo Van Doan

MSc, MD Ngo Van Doan

Languages spoken: Vietnamese


MD. Ngo Van Doan Has more than experience 16 years in radiology. At present work in Radiology Department – Vinmec Times City International Hospital




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  • General diagnostic imaging, neurology imaging, MSK, respiratory imaging, digestive system imaging
  • Peripheral nervous system, brachial plexus MRI
  • Elastography ultrasound liver and breast

From 2016 to present: Research PHD program in Hanoi Medical University

9/2018: Advanced Neuro MRI Workshop at National University Hospital (Singapore)

11/2017-12/2017: Special course in PET/CT at Kantonsspital Winterthur (Switzerland)

7/1/2017 – 25/1/2017: Hybrid course and PET-MR training program by Division of Nuclear Medicine at University Hospital Zurich (Switzerland)

05/12/2016 – 10/12/2016: PET/CT in autism and cerebral palsy at Neurogen Brain and Spine Institute in Mumbai (India)

11/2012-12/2012: Special course in MRI arthrogram at Kantonsspital Winterthur (Switzerland)

04/2012: Special course in Breast MRI at The Queen Sirikit Breast Cancer Center (Bangkok Thailand)

9/2006 – 11/2008: Post graduate course in imaging diagnosis (Master of Science in Medicine) at Hanoi Medical University

10/2004 – 02/2005: Special course in CT scan at Choray Hospital

03/2002 – 01/2003: Post graduate course in imaging diagnosis at Hanoi Medical University

1995-2001: Graduated from Hanoi Medical University

From 2003 to 6/2009: Radiologist – Radiology Department  in Postal Hospital II.

From 2009 to 10/2011: Radiologist – Radiology Department in HCMC Medical and Pharmacy University Hospital.

From 12/2011 to present:  Radiologist – Radiology Department in Vinmec Times City International Hospital

  • Initial investigation of sinus size by MDCT – Medical practice Ho Chi Minh City –  2006 – Phong TT, Cuong NV, Hung NS, Doan NV, Thanh DV, Long NH
  • Imaging features and evaluations of MRI in craniopharyngioma diagnosis – Vietnam Medical Journal 2015 – Duc PH, Doan NV
  • Outcomes of autologous bone marrow mononuclear cells for cerebral palsy: an open label uncontrolled clinical trial – BMC Pediatrics – 2017 – Nguyen LT, Nguyen AT, Vu CD, Ngo DV, Bui AV.
  • Imaging the brachial plexus in a 10 minute 3D MR Scan – SIGNA Pulse  – 2018 – Doan NV