MSc, MD Nguyen Ngoc Quang

MSc, MD Nguyen Ngoc Quang

MSc, MD Nguyen Ngoc Quang

Languages spoken: Vietnamese


MD. MSc Nguyen Ngoc Quang was a Resident of Bach Mai Hospital – Ha Noi Medical University, Emergency and Critical care, Toxicology specialist.

MD. MSc Nguyen Ngoc Quang has worked many years in Critical Care and Emergency Department, has Certificate of American Basic Critical Care, Certificate of Basic Emergency from Nantes University – France. He was specially educated about Perioperative Cardiac Surgery at E Hospital and Ha Noi Heart Hospital. He has been a correct member of Extracorporeal Life Support Organization (ELSO)


Medical Director


  • Emergency



  • Head Department of Perioperative Critical Care, Cardiac Critical Care and NeuroCritical care.
  • Take care for the patients with severe condition including: Internal Medicine, Infected disease, Endocrin disease, Pulmonary disease, Nephrology disease, Gastrology and Hepatology Disease,
  • Performs many Specially Critical Technics including: ECMO, IABP, Ventilation, Hemodynamic Monitoring, Neurocritical care, Hemodyalisis, Hypothermia therapy

2002 – 2008: Physician at Ha Noi Medical University

2008 – 2011: Critical care and Emergency, Toxicology Resident at Bach Mai Hospital and Ha Noi Medical University.

2011: Certificated  of American Fundametal Critical Care Support (FCCS)

2011: Certificated  of Emergency from Nantes University – France

2012: 3 months Studied at Ha Noi Heart Hospital

2013: 3 months Studied at National Heart Center – E Hospital

2016: Joined in Basic Extracoporeal Life support at Apolo Hospital – Chennai – India

2016: Joined in Basic Perfusionist at Tan Tok Seng Hospital– Singapore

2017: Member of Extracorporeal Life Support Organization (ELSO)

2018: Joined in a Basic Extracorporeal Life Support course at America

2012 – 2018: Critical Care Department Vinmec Times City

2018 – Now: Medical Director- General Surgical Intensive Care Unit – Intensive care, Vinmec Times City International hospital.

Vietnam National Association of Emergency, Intensive Care Medicine and Clinical Toxicology

Vietnam Association Emergency