MSc, MD Thanh Ngoc Tien

MSc, MD Thanh Ngoc Tien

MSc, MD Thanh Ngoc Tien

Languages spoken: English, Vietnamese


Dr. Thanh Ngoc Tien graduated from Hanoi Medical University with distinguished qualification. Subsequently, he worked and was trained focusing on Pulmonology at Hanoi Medical University, Hanoi Lung Hospital, Saint Paul Hospital.

Dr. Thanh Ngoc Tien has more than 10 years of experience in Internal Medicine, Pulmonology. In addition to clinical work, Dr Thanh Ngoc Tien also participates in medical studies, field of study includes pulmonology, internal medicine and public health.


Pulmonology – Allergy - Immunology


  • Allergy - Immunology



Pulmonology, Internal Medicine

2013 – 2015: Master in Internal Medicine, specialized in Pulmonology, Hanoi Medical University

2015:  Flexible Bronchoscopy, National Lung Hospital

2016: Palliative care, National Geriatric Hospital

2016: Primary care principles in Family Medicine, Hanoi Medical University

2013: Percutaneous coronary intervention (Preliminary course), Vietnam Heart Institute

2004 – 2010: Medical Student, Hanoi Medical University

2020 – Now: VinUniversity, Vinmec Times City

2016-2019: Hanoi Medical University

2012 – 2016: Saint Paul Hospital

2010 – 2012: Hanoi Lung Hospital