MSc, MD Thuc Thanh Huyen

MSc, MD Thuc Thanh Huyen

MSc, MD Thuc Thanh Huyen

Languages spoken: Vietnamese


MSc Thuc Thanh Huyen is a physician with more than ten years of experience in allergy and immunology. She is particularly strong in the research and treatment of immunodeficiency diseases, food allergies, drug allergies, and pediatric fields.

Along with her work as a clinician, she also actively participates in scientific research and has more than 20 research papers on primary immunodeficiency diseases, food allergies, drug allergies, and bronchial asthma in children that have been published in medical journals as well as at national and international scientific conferences. s He was trained at home and abroad at Westmead Children’s Hospital in Australia, the University of Nebraska Medical School, Children’s Hospital Texas in the USA, and the University Hospital Montpellier in France. With her unremitting efforts, the doctor has been awarded certifications such as travel sponsorship for the International Primary Immunodeficiency Congress (IPIC 2015, 2017), clinical observation by the Hocmai-Australian Health Organization (2018), and EAACI Clinical Fellowship (2020).

In addition, Dr. Thuc Thanh Huyen is also a member of the Pediatric Allergy and Immunology Branch of the Vietnam Pediatric Association, the European Association of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI), the French-Vietnamese Lung Association (AFVP), the Vietnam Primary Immunodeficiency Support Group (VIETPIPS) ), and the International Association of Primary Immunodeficiency Patients (IPOPI).

Currently, Dr. Thuc Thanh Huyen holds the position of pediatric immunologist and allergist at the Center for Clinical Immunology and Allergy, Vinmec Times City International Hospital.


Pediatric immunologist and allergist


  • Allergy - Immunology



  • Asthma, recurrent wheezing
  • Allergic rhinitis and allergic conjunctivitis
  • Atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis
  • Urticaria, angioedema
  • Food and drug allergy
  • Primary Immunodeficiency
  • Autoimmune rheumatic diseases in children

2010: Graduated as a General Doctor, Hanoi Medical University

2014: Postgraduate Diploma in Pediatrics, University of Sydney, Australia

2018: Graduated with a Master of Medicine, majoring in Pediatrics, Hanoi Medical University

2019: Degree in Allergy- Clinical Immunology, University of Corsica, France

Travel Grant of International Primary Immunodeficiency Congress (IPIC 2015, 2017)

Clinical Observeship of Hocmai – the Australia Vietnam Medical Foundation (2018)

EAACI Clinical Fellowship (2020)

  • Characteristic of patients suspected reactions to drugs/ vaccin/ food in national children’s hospital from 2018 to 2019. Second Pediatrics Allergy- Immunology congress, Dalat, Vietnam 2019
  • Characteristic of children admitted due to drugs adverse reactions in NHP. Pediatrics National Conference, Vietnam. 05/2014
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