MSc, MD Ton Nu Tra My

MSc, MD Ton Nu Tra My

MSc, MD Ton Nu Tra My

Languages spoken: Vietnamese


Dr Tra My had worked in Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy, in the role of a lecturer at Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy as well as Radiologist in diagnostic imaging department in Hue University Hospital from 09/2009 to 09/2016. Working as radiologist at Vinmec Central Park Hospital from 03/2017 until now.




  • Others



  • General Diagnostic Imaging
  • Breast, Gynecology Diagnostic Imaging
  • Neurology Diagnostic Imaging

Graduated from Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy in 2009

Obtained Master, Residency and Specialist, level 1 in Radiology

Lecturer, Radiologist – Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy  and Hue university hospital (2009 – 2016)

Since 03/2017 until now: Radiologist at Radiology Department – Vinmec Central Park International Hospital

Vietnam Ultrasound Association

  • Ton Nu Tra My, Hoang Minh Loi, Tran Thi Song Huong (2013), “Evaluate value of vaginal ultrasound in diagnosing uterus leiomyoma”, Medicine Journal, volume 15, page 140-143
  • Do Van Hiep, Ton Nu Tra My (2015) “Evaluate ultrasound imaging characteristics of inguinal hernia in male”, Hue University Hospital
  • Ton Nu Tra My, Ho Anh Tuan (2015), “Evaluate 2D and doppler ultrasound imaging characteristics of carotid artery system and vertebral artery in patients undergoing pacemaker implantation with indicators of brain hypoperfusion”, Hue University Hospital