Senior Consultant Nguyen Thi Tan Sinh

Senior Consultant Nguyen Thi Tan Sinh

Senior Consultant Nguyen Thi Tan Sinh

Languages spoken: Vietnamese


Senior Doctor Nguyen Thi Tan Sinh is well trained in Vietnam and in many Obstetrics and Gynecology centers around the world (Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, UK, France, Japan, USA…). With over 40 years of experience in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr Sinh is an expert in prenatal diagnosis, normal pregnancy management, and high-risk pregnancies management.  Dr Sinh still regularly performs Obstetrics, Gynecology and Urology surgeries, conducts scientific research and lecture.


Deputy Director of Woman Healthcare Center and Head of Gynaecology Department


  • Obstetrics and Gynecology



  • Antenatal check-ups
  • Screening, prenatal diagnosis of abnormalities, genetic diseases, metabolism
  • Management of high risk pregnancies
  • Examination and treatment of gynecological diseases: inflammation, sexually transmitted diseases, hemorrhage, cervical disease, uterine and ovarian tumors…
  • Screening, diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases
  • Diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor diseases: genital, urine, sexual disorders.
  • Treatment of premenopausal, menopausal disorders
  • Examination and treatment of infertility,
  • Counseling before pregnancy and after birth, after menopause
  • Counseling for family planning
  • Counseling, adolescent reproductive health, prenatal care
  • Screening and diagnosis of gynecologic cancer
  • Prosthesis – Infertility – Prenatal diagnosis
  • Routine and endoscopic surgery

Graduated from Hanoi Medical University in 1981

1994 Postgraduate Diploma in Sub Specialty in France

Specialist II Degree in Obstetrics- Gynecology

Breast Disease, Breast Cancer in France, Italy

Pelvic floor disease, Sexology in France

Practical Training in Australia

Fellowship in High Risk Pregnancy in Japan and Taiwan

Ultrasound, Laparoscopic Surgery; Antenatal Diagnosis, Fetal Maternal Medicine in the United States

Endocrine , Adolescent Puberty, Menopause in Australia,

Infertility in Macao, Singapore, Thailand

Hereditary, Metabolic Disorders, Genetic Mutation in Japan, England

From 2010: Senior Consultant in Gynecology- Obstetrics ( Ministry of Health)

Former Deputy Head of Gynecology- Obstetrics Department – Bach Mai Hospital

Doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology department in Vietnam International Hospital, Vietnam – Australia Hospital,
Vietnam – French Hospital

Doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Vietnam-France Hospital, Hanoi

Deputy Director of Woman Healthcare Center and Head of Gynaecology Department, Vinmec Times City International Hospital

Ho Chi Minh City Association for Reproductive Support

Medal for the contributions for Vietnamese people’s health care

Senior consultant Nguyen Thi Tan Sinh has participated in many scientific research in the field, more than 30 topics have been announced:

  • Summarize the effect of Blastolysin on chorionic disease. Proceedings of the scientific research Bach Mai Hospital 1985
  • Study on the incidence and outcome of treatment of genital infection due to Chlamydia trachomatis. Proceedings of the scientific research Bach Mai Hospital 2001
  • Use of molecular techniques for the early diagnosis of two common neuromuscular diseases: Duchenne muscular dystrophy and myeloid degeneration. Ministry research topics
  • Neonatal screening to detect and diagnose early congenital hypothyroidism and Emzym G6PD deficiency to contribute to improving population quality. Ministry research topics
  • Vaginal suppression technique – Bronze medal for young doctors in Medicine
  • Review of Intersex of children’s – Vietnam Journal of Surgery.
  • Applying on-site fluorescence technique for prenatal and postnatal diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities – Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Viet-Lao
  • Application of local fluorescence technique in prenatal and postnatal diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities – Journal of Clinical Medicine
  • Genetic testing in prenatal diagnosis – Bach Mai Hospital Clinical Journal, December 2009 issue
  • Peut- on eviter l’incontinence du post- partum par une cesarienne au tout de debut du travail? Journee de Gynecologie- d’ Obstetrique de Franche- Compte, France 1994
  • Hemorhagie de la Delivrance. Revue de Gynecologie – Obstetrics.1994
  • Morbidite et mortalite de la mere et nouveau-nes cause par placenta previa. Revue de Gynecologie – Obstetrics.1994
  • Apply Arms-PCR technique in prenatal and postnatal diagnosis of Beta Thalassemia. Pediatric Journal. Vietnam-Australia Science Conference 2009
  • Research on the status of urinary incontinence and some related factors in female staff of Bach Mai Hospital. Journal of Clinical Medicine Bach Mai Hospital, special issue December 2009
  • Co auther of books and teaching materials about Diabetes during pregnancy, newborn screening (2020)