Senior Consultant, Specialist Level 2 Doctor Tran Khac Dien

Senior Consultant, Specialist Level 2 Doctor Tran Khac Dien

Senior Consultant, Specialist Level 2 Doctor Tran Khac Dien

Languages spoken: Vietnamese


Senior doctor, Specialist Level II Tran Khac Dien has 39 years of practice in the profession.


Medical Examination


  • Health Check



  • General medical examination
  • Examining and treating infectious and Tropical diseases, HIV/AIDS
  • Consultation before adult vaccination Advice before adult vaccination


1973 – 1979: Student – Hanoi Medical University

1987 – 1989: Specialist level I. Official Course. Hanoi Medical University

1995 – 1997: Specialist level II Official Course. Hanoi Medical University


1993: 6 months at Mahidol University – Bangkok – Thailand. Dengue fever/ WHO sponsors

1994 – 1995: Two years at the Academic medical center of Amsterdam – Netherlands (AMC – Netherlands). Infectious – Tropical Diseases and HIV/AIDS. The Dutch Government sponsors 1996: 03 Weeks at Nagasaki University – Japan. Hepatitis Virus and Malaria. WHO sponsors

2003: 09 months at Harvard Medical University – USA. Infectious Diseases and HIV/AIDS. CDC funded

Attending many scientific conferences organized by WHO, Unicef, CDC… Thailand: (6 times), Indonesia (2 times), Malaysia ​​(once), China (3 times), Australia (2 times)

From December 1979, worked in the Department of Infectious Diseases – Institute of Clinical Research and Tropical Diseases – Bach Mai Hospital

From 2017: Vinmec Times City International General Hospital

Vietnam Infectious and Tropical Diseases

Vietnam Association for HIV/AIDS

4 Certificate of Merit from the Minister of Health

9 Plans of Bach Mai Hospital

01 certificate of merit for Vinmec Times City – International GENERAL HOSPITAL. 2018

Senior doctor, Specialist level II Tran Khac Dien participated in implementing many valuable research projects such as:

  • Group member: Research on Hepatitis B virus. State-level research program (KY-01) from 1990 -1995.Prof. Pham Song Head of the project
  • Research Team Coordinator: Artemisinin is a cure for malaria. Vietnam – Netherlands research cooperation. Prof. Pham Song head of the project. 1990 – 1996
  • Study clinical characteristics and tests for adult Dengue haemorrhagic fever. At the Institute of Clinical Research of Tropical Diseases – Bach Mai Hospital. Graduated from Specialist level II. 1997. Hanoi Medical University
  • Lecturer of Bach Mai Hospital Training Center: Participate in many courses: Orientation Specialist, Specialist level I, Resident Doctor. Specialization of Contamination – Tropical. HIV/AIDS
  • CDC Trainers and Bin Clinton Foundation: About HIV/AIDS
  • Participating in training for Northern Provinces in the Ministry of Health’s program 1816
  • Participating in the compilation of the training curriculum: Doctor of Orientation for Infection – Tropical and HIV / AIDS. Handbook of Communicable Diseases
  • Participating in compilation: Internal Medicine Disease – Bach Mai Hospital published for the first time in 2011. Participating in compilation: Procedures for procedure – Care for patients – Ministry of Health (For Nursing)
  • Post many articles in International Medicine journals