Specialist Level 1 Doctor La Thi Tiem

Specialist Level 1 Doctor La Thi Tiem

Specialist Level 1 Doctor La Thi Tiem

Languages spoken: English, Vietnamese


MD, Specialist level 1, La Thi Tiem graduated from Thai Binh Medical University in 2012. She graduated Specialist level 1 in Oncology from Hanoi Medical University in 2018. She has 8 years of work experience as a Clinical Doctor providing screening examination and treatment for cancer patients in Medical Oncology department of Ha Dong General Hospital. Since 2020, MD. Tiem has joined Vinmec system as a Clinical Oncologist in Breast Center, Vinmec Times City Hospital.




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  • Examines, diagnoses and treats cancer patients.
  • Strengths in examination, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer patients: The doctor has experience with nearly 300 breast cancer cases, especially with difficult-to-diagnose breast cancer, early stage breast cancer, multifocal breast cancer…
  • Examination, diagnosis and follow-up plan, treatment of benign breast diseases such as cysts, mastitis, breast abscess, nipple discharge, breast nodules at risk of malignancy… Borderline breast diseases such as: Lobular carcinoma in situ- LCIS, atypical ductal hyperplasia -ADH, intraductal papilloma, radial scars….
  • Counseling and education on breast cancer awareness, how to prevent and reduce the risk of breast cancer
  • Counseling on choosing the breast cancer screening method for each individual depending on risk factors such as: previous breast disease history, family history of mother, sister or daughter with cancer breast,…

2006 – 2012: Thai Binh Medical University, specialty: General Doctor

2014 – 2015: National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion (oriented specialty for Clinical Doctor)

2016 – 2018: Hanoi Medical University, Specialist level I (majoring in Oncology)

12/2012 – 07/2020: Oncologist, Ha Dong General Hospital

07/2020 – Now: Oncologist, Breast Center – Vinmec Times City Hospital

Participated in the 19th National Cancer Prevention Conference at K Hospital in July 2019

Participated in the 10th National Oncology Scientific Conference in Can Tho in October 2019

Participated in the annual meeting of the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) November 2019 in Singapore

Reporter at the Conference “Multi-modality treatment of breast diseases”; with the topic: “Medical methods of breast cancer treatment”; organized by Vinmec Hospital at Vinmec Hai Phong Hospital in October 2020

Participated in Hanoi Cancer Prevention Workshop at Hanoi Oncology Hospital in November 2020

Participate in public health programs organized by Vinmec Hospital such as: “Pink Day” in October 2020, “Vinmec join hands to fight breast cancer” in May 2022 as a Doctor direct clinical examination, screening, treatment counseling and awareness education about breast cancer