Specialist Level 1 Doctor Nguyen Duc Tuan

Specialist Level 1 Doctor Nguyen Duc Tuan

Specialist Level 1 Doctor Nguyen Duc Tuan

Languages spoken: Vietnamese


With more than 10 years of professional experience, Doctor Specialist Level I Nguyen Duc Tuan has accumulated a lot of clinical experience in the examination and treatment of muscles – bones – joints according to the method of Traditional Medicine in Vietnam. Doctor Tuan graduated from Traditional Medicine at the Vietnam Academy of Traditional Medicine and Doctor of Medicine I at Hanoi Medical University.

Currently, Dr. Tuan is a Traditional Medicine Doctor at Vinmec – Sao Phuong Dong Traditional Medicine Center, Vinmec Times City International Hospital.


Doctor of Traditional Medicine


  • Traditional Medicine



Treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine diseases: Spine, musculoskeletal, degenerative disc herniation

2016 – 2018: Specialist Doctor I, Hanoi Medical University

2012: Doctor of Traditional Medicine, Academy of Traditional Medicine of Vietnam

2019 – 2021: Traditional Medicine Doctor, Oriental Star Traditional Medicine Clinic.

2013 – 2019: Traditional Medicine Doctor, Railway Medical Center, Hanoi Railway Company.

Korea Chiropractic Association (KCA) Contribution Award