Specialist Level 1 Doctor Nguyen Thi Phi Yen

Specialist Level 1 Doctor Nguyen Thi Phi Yen

Specialist Level 1 Doctor Nguyen Thi Phi Yen

Languages spoken: Vietnamese


MD. Nguyen Thi Phi Yen has over 18 years’ experience in medical oncology, palliative care and pain management for cancer. She used to be Deputy Head of Pain Management Department at K hospital. Currently, she is working at Oncology Department, Vinmec Times City International Hospital.


Oncologist and Hematologist


  • Oncology- Radiotherapy



  • Diagnosis and treatment for cancer
  • Palliative Care for patients
  • Pain management for cancer

  • Palliative Care and Pain Management Certificate given by MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA and Singapore National Cancer Center

  • Former Deputy Head of Pain Management Department, K hospital
  • Oncologist and Hematologist, Vinmec Times City International Hospital

  • Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network
  • The Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance

  • Editorial Board of Guidelines for Palliative Care for Cancer and HIV/AIDS, Ministry of Health, 2006
  • Assess the effectiveness of using low dose of morphine for advanced cancer patients dyspnea, 2008
  • Survey of on-demand home care of patient with end-stage cancer, 2006
  • Assess pain control situation after cancer surgery at Tam Hiep’ s Surgery Department at K hospital, 2010
  • Assess palliative care reality for cancer patients in Vietnam, 2012