Oncology Surgeon

Oncology Surgeon

Vinmec Times City International Hospital – Ha Noi City – Cleveland Clinic Connected, Vinmec Central Park International Hospital – Ho Chi Minh City

Job Overview

  • New or replacement position: New position
  • Specialist needed: Breast, axillary and adnexal cancer surgery and Gastrointestinal cancer surgery
  • Salary/Compensation Range: To be discussed
  • Bonus Eligible? If so, what type: Performance based
  • Role Overview / day to day responsibilities: OP consultation and ward round, MTB, procedures and surgery
  • Department – what is the size? How many beds?: 30 beds
  • Team – what is the size?: We expect we will have 4 specialists per team (senior and 1 surgery trainee). These surgeon teams work close with others such as: medical oncology, radiation, imaging …
  • Describe the working conditions of this position (environment, team culture, leadership style, etc.): Open mind, teamwork, evidence based, calculated risk taker, responsibility and accountability
  • What are the most desirable aspects of this role? How would you sell it to a candidate?: Become one of the best Oncology centre in Viet Nam by 2024. Accredited as A Cancer Center of Excellence by 2025
  • Career path or growth opportunities in the future for this role / candidate?: Head of Surgical Oncology Department or Director of Oncology center

Job Requirements

  • Must have experience, knowledge, or behaviours
    • 4-6 years of Residency training program.
    • Acquisition of knowledge and practical skills certified by well-known or world-class oncology center(s).
    • Consulting diagnostic methods: clinical, cancer imaging techniques, oncology pathology.
    • Knowing oncology diseases, breast/ GI/neuro/urology cancer epidemiology and natural history.
    • Performing cancer surgery.
    • Knowing adjuvant systemic therapies and radiation in cancer.
    • Research and evidence based medicine.
  • Preferred experience, knowledge, or behaviours
    • Having least 5 years worked for A Cancer Centre accredited by World Class Institution.
    • Performing large annually procedure/surgery volume included conservative surgery, correct poor aesthetic outcome after conservation, mastectomy indications and types, local recurrence after mastectomy, reconstruction …
    • Adequate level of lymphadenectomy, and knowledge of lateral nodal dissection. Indications for surgical and nonsurgical options.
    • Peri-operative care including knowledge of prehabilitation and fast track protocols. Awareness of special considerations in frail patients and emergency presentations.
    • Detailed understanding of indication and benefits and harms of different neoadjuvant schedules (short course RT, chemoradiation, chemotherapy) for more advanced tumours.
    • Understanding of the different organ preservation approaches.
    • Managing cancer in special groups, benign diseases.
    • Experiencing in psychological issues and follow-up care.
    • Participating cancer research.
    • Ages from 35 – 50 with appropriate practicing license.
  • Required educational and medical qualifications
    • Credentialed as surgeon/surgical consultant with certification in cancer surgery.
    • Well-known/World class Certification in Surgery or/and cancer surgery.
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