Vinmec Korean Polyclinic is hiring Korean doctors and nurses working in Vietnam

Vinmec Korean Polyclinic is hiring Korean doctors and nurses working in Vietnam

Expired: 38 days.

Recuitment Department of Vinmec Head Office would like to announce the recruitment of 04 Korean Doctors and 02 Korean Nurses

Working hours: 44h/week, Mon to Sat morning

Working Address: Clinic at Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 urban area, Hanoi, Vietnam

 I. Job title and positions:

  • 02 General Internal Medicine Doctor (General Physician) at least 01 of them can do endoscopy
  • 01 General pediatrician (Pediatric)
  • 01 Obstetrician and gynecologist (General Ob-Gyn)
  • 02 General nurses – Internal nurses

 II. Job Description


  • Carry out a medical examination, treatment, and consultation in accordance with professional standards and professional regulations and procedures.
  • Order appropriate tests to support patient diagnosis.
  • Prescribe medications for patients safely and effectively.
  • Perform medical techniques/ procedures/ surgery according to medical privileges granted to treat diseases.
  • Ensure complete recording and management of medical records according to regulations and professional requirements.
  • Update and deploy new professional knowledge and techniques.
  • Immediately and promptly resolve customer questions and complaints related to medical examination and treatment expertise of the specialty.

2. Nurse

  • Health Examination and Assessment: register for initial examination, conduct a preliminary examination, assess health status, and make medical records for patients before they see the doctor (including checking vital signs, history, allergies, lab results, and test results).
  • Chronic Disease Management: Monitor and manage patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, to ensure they receive appropriate and ongoing care.
  • Medical Record Management: Maintain and update patient medical records, and track patients for follow-up examinations and hospital transfers.
  • Performing Medical Procedures: taking test samples, assisting doctors in performing minor procedures/procedures in the clinic/endoscopy room; Changing bandages, cleaning wounds and providing other professional technical support as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Care Coordination: Collaborate with doctors and pharmacists to implement treatment plans, ensuring patients receive comprehensive and ongoing care.
  • Patient Education: Provides information and guidance to patients and family members on home health care, medication use, nutrition, lifestyle, and treatment methods.
  • Other support: Psychological support for patients and families regarding mental health issues related to illness.

III. Job requirements

  • Being Korean
  • Have a degree of medicine doctor / degree of nursing, specialized degrees/certificates in the required specialty (internist, pediatrician, obstetrician-gynecologist)
  • Have a valid medical license, nursing license/ registered nurse
  • Practice continuous medical examination and treatment in a hospital or clinic for at least 3 years before applying to Vinmec.
  • Gender: not specified. Age: priority candidates under 50

IV. Compensation and benefit

  • Salary: negotiable. Salary range from 30,000,000 won gross/month (before tax) for a doctor; 8,000,000 won gross/month (before tax) for a nurse. The employee is responsible for paying personal income tax (“PIT”) according to the applicable law of Vietnam. Vinmec shall register and pay PIT from the monthly gross income to the tax department according to the applicable law of Vietnam. Certification of tax yearly payment in Vietnam will be issued to employees prior to the repatriation. Any other tax liabilities outside of Vietnam that are applicable to the income will be borne by the employee.
  • Allowance: international health insurance for candidate and family; housing support (800 USD/month for doctor, 600 USD/month for nurse); 01 economic round-trip ticket to visit home/per working year.
  • Annual leaves and visit home/conferences/ renew the license in Korea if any: 20 days/working year.
  • The company covers: taxes and legal costs issued in Vietnam(visa, work permit, medical license, resident card); 01 economic plane ticket when onboarding and at the end of the contract.
  • Lunch: provided by Vinmec.
  • Others: Negotiable.

V.How to submit an application

Candidate can fill out the application form at this LINK or QR Code: 

Profile include:

  • CV clearly states personal information, education and work history.
  • Photo of university diploma, practicing certificate, other professional qualifications (if any).

Human resources policy – Compensation – Application roadmap: Discussed directly during the interview and/or the Recruitment Department will advise immediately upon receiving the application of the applying Doctor.

Expected Application period: April, May, and June 2024.

Expected Onboard period: July, August 2024.


For more information, please contact Mr Dat at

KakaoTalk/Zalo/Whatsapp: +84378236083.

Thank you sincerely!


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