Vinmec on the road to become an international academic healthcare system

Vinmec on the road to become an international academic healthcare system

In 2022, Vinmec’s medical system performed beyond quick recovery to mark its breakthrough with multiple impressive achievements, contributing to redefining Vietnam’s positioning on the world’s medical map.

With a strong foundation combining leading expertise and management capacity, Vinmec’s goal in academic medicine sets out a strategic path, promising significant contribution towards Vietnam’s sustainable development in this field.

01. Mastering medical high technology, closing Vietnam’s gap with the world

More than a year ago, Bui Hoai N.’s family (16 years old, Hanoi) were devastated upon learning about his diagnosis of bone cancer. As amputation remained the last resort, N.’s tumor was located close to his ankle – a surgically difficult position to operate for artificial bone replacement.

Miracle truly happened to N. when he met the doctors at Vinmec Times City International General Hospital. The surgery with liquid nitrogen-enabled technology was utilized to eliminate the cancerous cells. Only 8 months after the surgery, N. was able to get rid of crutches and started walking as usual. One year post-surgery, tests results showed no cancerous cells detected in his body.
“The area of bone with the tumor was dissected and treated to eliminate all the cancerous cells with liquid nitrogen, then engrafted back into the same place. Hence, there’s no need to amputate the limb or use artificial bone. After the surgery, the patient can walk normally and there are almost no complications”, Prof., Dr. Tran Trung Dung, Director of Vinmec Center for Orthopedic Trauma and Sports Medicine, explained about the first surgery of its kind ever conducted in Vietnam.

That is just part of various remarkable progressing steps in medical technology that Vinmec health system has made in 2022.

Last year, Vinmec also mastered multiple new techniques in the treatment of osteoarthritis such as an extension of 13 cm of the leg on one bone as a treatment for leg length discrepancy; complete shoulder and elbow replacement; simultaneous hip replacement on both sides in the same operation for patients with ankylosing spondylitis or the elderly with severe osteoarthritis… This series of important accomplishments has confirmed the healthcare system’s position as one of Vietnam’s leading centers in orthopedic trauma and sports medicine.

With modern equipment and high techniques, Vinmec Gastroenterology – Hepatobiliary – Urology Center also opens up hope for hundreds of gastrointestinal cancer patients with the world’s minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery.

These techniques include: endoscopic resection of tumors through the natural route, a combination of colectomy and liver metastases; colectomy and lymph node dissection; robotic wide-angle view endoscope, making it easy for surgeons to operate even in difficult positions.

Vinmec had successfully performed fulminant liver transplants for patients with liver cancer or final-stage cirrhosis, children under 22lbs, or patients with blood type incompatibility. In 2022, the healthcare system continued to mark a new milestone with acute liver transplant for patients with liver failure – one of the most complex medical techniques nowadays. After surgery, the patient had a miraculous recovery of only 2-week in rhe hospital as compared to the usual 3-4 weeks.

Cardiology is also one of Vinmec’s strengths thanks to its mastery of more complex techniques in the field. In October 2022, the Cardiovascular Center at Vinmec Central Park Hospital (HCMC) was recognized as the first independent center in Vietnam for implantation of the Micra wireless arrhythmia control device. This technique offers optimal treatment opportunities for arrhythmias patients who also have other health problems.

This is a remarkable step forward for Vinmec 5 years after getting recognized for its mastery of transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVI) technique in December 2017.

In particular, Vinmec continues to affirm its pioneering position in stem cell research and treatment as it successfully performed stem cell transplants for resistant lymphoma treatment, making active efforts to stay ahead with the emerging precision medicine field and improve patients’ quality of life.

02. On the shoulder of the giant

Comprehensive in-depth cooperation with leading medical systems and hospitals is the key to enabling Vinmec to access to and master advanced treatment techniques. This strategy serves to leverage the system up to international standards on the journey to pursue its academic medicine goal.

A typical success of the strategy is Vinmec’s handshake with Cleveland Clinic (USA) – one of the US’ largest academic medical systems.
After rounds of meticulous evaluation with strict standards, Vinmec Times City (Hanoi) has officially become the second hospital in the world to join the ‘Cleveland Clinic Connected’ global hospital network. This marks Vinmec Times City’s new companionship with the world’s leading experts in the process of improving Vinmec’s professional caliber as well as treatment and operational quality by international standards.

Besides, Vinmec also expanded cooperation network with various other leading international medical schools and hospitals such as Osaka City University to establish a bone cancer research room in Japan; Taiwan Veterans Hospital to promote training in blood cancer treatment with CAR-T cell therapy and partial HLA hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

This is a strategic and effective “shortcut” for the Vietnamese health system to master difficult techniques, research and apply stem cells in the treatment of incurable diseases in Vietnam.

In addition, the cooperation with Seoul National University Hospital (Korea) enabled Vinmec system to elevate general health check-ups into a comprehensive and in-depth health assessment model. This helps promote early screening for risks of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, elderly diseases, etc., contributing towards the higher goal of personalized health management programs for each client.
Vinmec’s relentless efforts to “sow the seed” during the last a decade along with various bold moves have paid off with remarkable achievements. The health system has successfully conquered various sets of international quality standards such as RTAC (Australia) certification in assisted reproductive technology.
The AABB certification marks Vinmec’s official becoming one of the 24 globally certified tissue banks of both cord blood and cord tissue. In addition, the CAP certification recognizes laboratory standards; ACC certificate (USA) affirms Vinmec’s capacity ability to treat heart failure and coronary heart disease for Vinmec Central Park and Vinmec Times City’s cardiovascular centers.

In particular, in June 2022, Vinmec became the first healthcare entity in Vietnam to be recognized as “Best managed companies in Vietnam” by DELOITTE for its excellence in management skills and innovative practices in actual. advanced theory. The emphasis on both expertise and management – is considered a solid foundation for this system to join the network of leading international companies and expand to new markets.

03. Constantly researching and training for the community

Following the academic medical model, reserach and testing always play an important part in Vinmec’s development. In 2022, the research focus is on community-oriented clinical trials, such as Covid-19 vaccine, AstraZeneca’s only model clinical trial lab in Vietnam, and the completion of gene analysis for nearly 300 samples from patients with Severe Cutaneous Adverse Reaction

In addition, the collaborative training collaboration between Vinmec and the Institute of Health Sciences – VinUni for science students, internal medicine and doctors has also yielded significant positive results. The new training program certified by the American Heart Association (AHA) on advanced emergency care for adults, children and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation; CME/CPD Training course on Image Diagnostics and joint anesthesiology between Vinmec – VinUniversity and GE Healthcare.

The past year has set a new cycle for Vinmec’s transformation powered by critical changes in work mindset and operation model, from treatment to disease management. With a commitment to make life better for everyone, the system is constantly striving to upscale disease screening in order to provide early, time-sensitive diagnosis to facilitate effective healthcare for the community.

“The core of healthcare is not only about treatments but also hi-caliber human resource and groundbreaking research with reliable applicability and scalability for the community to improve their living conditions. Vinmec is determined to keep moving forward with solid steps based on the three core values of research -clinical treatments – trainings to create a sustainable and comprehensive healthcare solutions.” – Mrs. Le Thuy Anh – CEO of Vinmec Healthcare System

By the end of 2022, thanks to the solid goal of establishing a strong professional foundation and innovative management practices, Vinmec has successfully completed a year of impressive recovery as various opportunities come its way for further moves towards the international ground as well as to contribute to the betterment of life for more and more people.

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